December 25, 2008

Rap Graffiti

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A1 B-Side Une Sale Histoire
A2 Fab 5 Freddy Change The Beat
A3 Phase 2 (2) The Roxy
A4 Grandmixer D. ST.* & Infinity Rappers, The Grandmixer (Cuts It Up)
Producer - D.ST.

B1 B-Side , Grandmixer D. ST.* , Phase 2 (2) & Smurfs, The Krush Groove
Producer - D.ST.
B2 Smurfs, The Smurf For What It's Worth
Co-producer - Bernard Fowler
Producer - Steven Brown (2)
B3 Futura 2000 The Escapades Of Futura 2000
Producer - Clash, The

Note: Krush Groove is a megamix of the other tracks in this compilation

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