September 16, 2010


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Cameron Paul put out this masterful mix in 1984. It was later released on his own Mixx-it record label.

Unknown intro
West Street Mob-Mosquito
Herbie Hancock-Rockit
Hip Hop On Wax Vol.1-Dj Chuck Chillout
Egyptian Lover-What Is A DJ If He Can't Scratch
Bar Kays-Sexomatic
I Want To Be Real-John Rocca
Eve -Take A Bite
Hall & Oates-Out Of Touch
We're Rockin The Planet-Hashim
Shannon-Give Me Tonight
Arthur Baker-Breakers Revenge
Hashim-Al Naafyish
Egyptian Lover sample
The Bird-Time
Dial A Freak-Uncle Jamms Army sample
Run DMC-Hard Times
Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk
Egyptian Lover-Egypt, Egypt
David Van Tieghem-These Things Happen
Art Of Noise-Beatbox
Dial A Freak-Uncle Jamms Army sample
Twilight 22-Siberian Nights
Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Kano-I'm Ready
File 13-Taste So Good
Guru-Who You Stealing From
The Jackson-Torture
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Pretty Tony-Fix It In The Mix
Diana Ross sample
Sylvester-Rock Box
File 13-Taste So Good

September 15, 2010


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June 19, 2010

DJ Bacon-Universal B Boy Mega-Mix

This mix was done by DJ Bacon in 2008.
Limited release of 300.


Universal B Boy Megamix by DJ Bacon


Shout out to DJ Bacon for providing several copies.

DJ Bacon

DJ Bacon has proved his versatility, mastering different styles of blending, quick mixes, juggling and cutting within different genres. Old school hip hop and b boy anthems are where he is most passionate - rocking the party with original hip hop style and a funky approach to DJing. DJ Bacon's scratch style is unique - with the ability to tear it up with equal precission on both turntables with funk and technical ability. Bacon has proved his ability within the club, festival, and live DJ environments as a turntablist and crowd rocking DJ.

DJ Bacon is one of only a handfull of Australian Dj's to release vinyl. Support independent artists, buy their music!! Bacons debut Vinyl release is out now!! Check out the "Universal B Boy Megamix" in all good Oz hip hop stores or contact me here for a copy. DJ Bacon has been influenced by listening to early hip hop records and admiring the pioneers like Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DST, Jazzy Jay, Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Too Tuff, Mr Mixx and countless others that pioneered the genre. After puchasing his first 12" vinyl "It's Tricky" by Run Dmc at the tender age of 12 (1987) his passion and knowledge of hip hop culture and music has grown continually.

Growing up in Brisbane It was hard to source a lot of the early US hip hop, however local radio show 4zzz (Phat Tape w DJ Katch) proved to be a source of ever inspiring hip hop jams. Another local - DJ Cybex had amazing hip hop and electro mixtapes too, that continued to inspire.

After years of passionate DJing and collecting, DJ Bacon formed a partnership with longtime friend Shazam - starting an instrumental project "Briztronix" in early 2000. With Jazz, hip hop and electro influences the band has now released an EP and two full length LP's. Remaining independent has allowed the band to explore and manufacture a truely unique sound - featuring on countless compilations and winning the Q music Q Song award in 2007 (hip Hop category) for their electro hip hop anthem "Beats From the East".

Briztrronix latest offering "Structures Of Canyons" is out now (including a vinyl 12" ) - this will be the album you're still talking about in 10 years time.

After relocating to Melbourne in 2004, DJ Bacon inserted himself in the Melbourne club scene, holding down several residencies and Djing on the b boy circuit.

Club residencies in Melbourne since 2004 have included :


First Floor

Black Cat



Workshop Bar

North Bazaar

DJ Bacon has been heavily involved in many community youth arts projects , DJ performances and tutorials over the past decade - teaching and travelling throughout Australia and spreading hip hop culture to the next generation.

DJ performances, battles, workshops and releases have been many since the late 90's. Gigs around the country and overseas include the Australian DMC competition, Oz B Boy championships, Wicked Force 20 year anniversary Jam, Livid Festival, Big Day Out, Brisbane festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Stylin Up, and more. Some supports of note include Grandmaster Flash, Ugly Duckling, The Roots, Anticon, Hilltop Hoods and DJ Dexter. DJ Bacon ripped many shows supporting international acts as DJ for legendary Queensland B Boy crew Gravity Warriors throughout the early 2000's.

After a five year DJ holiday in Melbourne, Bacon is now a Brisbane resident again, and will be doing similar things with turntables up here in 2009. For bookings and community workshop inquiries contact :

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January 30, 2010

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January 2, 2010

James Brown-The Payback Mix

This mix was done in 1988 by Various djs.
A1 The Payback Mix (Keep On Doing What You're Doing But Make It Funky)

A2 Payback (The Final Mixdown) 5:53