December 6, 2008

DJ Sanny X

To make a very long story short, Sanny Xenokottas started off as dj in 1979. A couple of years later, his name was shortened down to just "Sanny X". Sanny X is the DJ, remixer, and producer best recognized for innovatively pioneering the art of remixing in the UK during the '80s.

Sanny began mixing at the age of 19 playing afro-funk, salsa, reggae & soul at Studio 8 in the heart of Gotheburg (Sweden) were he was raised. He further developed his mixing style at Club Heaven from '82-'84 incorporating synthesizers and drum machines in his set.

Through a mix contest that was organized by Radio Luxemburg, Sanny was discovered by Disco Mix Club founder, Tony Prince. In the spring of 1984, he was invited to perform in London at the first international DJ convention.
Same night he received a standing ovation from over 2000 DJ's at the Hippodrome for his mixing exhibition using a digital sampling delay and was dubbed the DJ of tomorrow.

Sanny is one of the first DJ/Remixers that helped develop the art of blending hit songs of one or more artists together seamlessly, commonly known today as a Megamix.

He has delivered an endless string of mixes for DMC and various major labels. During his career several artists have had their songs remixed or produced by Sanny. Worthy mentions are, Madonna, James Brown, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, Jermanie Jackson, Ray Parker JR, Bryan Adams, Billy Ocean just to name a few. The extensive list of remixes and productions can be found here.

In 1985, Sanny won the coveted DMC-Stanton DJ award for best remix, Colonel Abrams -Trapped. Same year, he also won the British Disco & Club trade international magazine poll award "Mixing DJ of 1985".

During 1985-89, Sanny was featured as resident DJ at London's World Famous Hippodrome at well as famous night spots all over Europe. During the summer of 1987 in Benidorm (Spain) he promoted the balearic style and acid house. In 1991 he was awarded the Remixeur N'3 Mondial from DMC France.

Sanny recently scored Top 5 on the Billboard Chart with his song Higher. The song has currently been released in the U.K and Europe after being one of the hottest summer promos in Ibiza during the summer 2007.



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