April 29, 2009

On The Beat 1-2

This mix was done by Alexander Mejia.

Tracklisting: One for the money

Tony Toni Tone-Little Walter
Guy-Groove Me
Malcolm McLaren - World´s Famous
Art Of Noise-Beat Box
MARRS-Pump up the Volume
Gwen Guthrie-Can't Love You Tonight
Madonna-Who's That Girl
Morris Day-Fishnet
Bee Gees-Staying Alive
Bee Gees-Jive Talking
Bee Gees-Saturday Night Fever
Kurtis Blow-Christmas Rappin
Jacksons-Can You Feel It(intro)
Herbie Hancock-Rock It
Jellybean-The Mexican
Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express
Whistle-Just Buggin
Full Force-Alice
Rick James-Fire It Up
Vaughan Mason And Crew-Bounce Rock Skate Roll
Cameo-Back And Forth
Roger-So Ruff, So Tuff
Herbie Hancock-Ready Or Not
Johny Kemp-Just Got Paid
Indeep-Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Instant Funk-I Got My Mind Made Up
Marrs-Pump Up The Volume
Herman Kelly -Dance To The Drummers Beat
Jackson-Shake Your Body
Bar Kays-Holy Ghost

Additional samples after the mix

The Show Tracklisting
Masterdon Committee
Al B Sure-Rescue Me
Mantronix-Who Is It?
Roxanne Shante
UTFO-Roxanne Roxanne
Janet Jackson-Nasty Girl
Ice T
Joe Ski Love-Pee Wee's Dance
Paula Abdul-Right Stuff
Zapp-More Bounce To the Ounce
Salt& Pepa-Shake Your Thing
Salt & Pepa-Get Up
Cash Money and Marvelous - The Mighty Hard Rocker
Liquid, Liquid
George Lamond-Bad of The Heart
Sweet Sensation-Take It While It's Hot
Stevie B.
Seven Wonders-Cross My heart
GT-I Need You
Egyptian Lover
Rodney O-Cooley High
Alexander Robotnick-Problemes De Amour
Fast Eddie-Yo Yo Get Funky
Rockmaster Scott-THe Roof Is On Fire
Eddie B-Time To Rock The House

April 4, 2009

On The Beat 3-4

Four to Go Mix

Soul Sonic Force-Looking For the Perfect Beat
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Soul Sonic Force-Looking For The Perfect Beat
Arthur Baker-Breakers Revenge
Felix And Jarvis-Flame Thrower Rap
LA Dream Team-In The House
Rock Master Scott -The Roof Is On Fire
Soul Sonic Force-Frantic Situation
Hashim-Were Rockin the Planet
ABC-That's Right
Dynamix-Give The DJ A Break
Sinitta-Feels Like The First Time
Shannon-Give Me Tonight
Grandmaster Flash-White Lines
Rob Base-It Takes Two
MC Malika Love-She's Bad
Human League-Fascination
Paul Hardcastle-19

Git Phonkee & Just Freakin'

Thix mix was done by DJ EFX in 1988.
Git Phonkee is a first pressing of the Just Freakin' megamix.

Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Set It Off
Hashim-Al Naafyish
Salt & Pepa-Push It
NWA-Panic Zone
Criminal Nation-Put the Needle To the Record
Rodney O & Joe Cooley-Your Chance To Rock
2 Live Crew-Throw The D
Bose-Rock The World
ATC-This Beat is Def
2 Live Crew-Get It Girl
2 Live Crew-Throw The D
Anquette-Shake It(Do the 61st)
LL Cool J-Going Back To Cali
2 Live Crew-We Want Some P*ssy
Freestyle-Don't Stop the Rock
Original Concept-Pump That Bass
Freestyle-It's Automatic
Funkadelic-Sh*t,..Get off Your *ss and Jam
MC Shy D-Bust This

April 3, 2009

Mega-mix 86