December 29, 2011

June 15, 2011

Cameron Paul DJ Legend Series

DJ Cameron Paul was a Bay Area pioneer in the mix world. Even before his radio gigs, he was a dominating force on the SF club scene. In this mega mix, I compiled and mixed some of his radio mixes on KSOL and KMEL, mix releases on Hot Tracks and Mixx-it, Tandem records and a nice interview intertwined in the music.

Enjoy with multiple listening. Feedback is welcome.

Dedicated to DJ Cameron Paul and his fans.

April 16, 2011

Latin Rascals : DJ Legends Series

Back when Big Apple Production 2 was released in 1984, I always wondered who made this musical opus.
Later, I found that the Latin Rascals were responsible for this influential megamix.

Check this nice write-up by Johnny Freeze about this amazing duo on our blog:

In this
megamix, I chose some of their commercial production, radio edits and some of their mastermixes along with a recent interview with Albert Cabrera.

Dedicated to all the edit heads out there.

Special mentions to the Edit Kings(aka the Latin Rascals) and DJ Paco for the intro

January 1, 2011

DJ Deryck D-Miami Rumble Mix '89

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Side A-Miami Rumble Mix
Side B-Bonus Bounce Mix

Deryck D Intro
Tricky D-Take It To The Max
Public Enemy-Bring the Noise sample
Antoinette-Make It Boom
Egyptian Lover-And My Beats Goes Boom
Vanity-Nasty Girl sample
Time sample
JJ Fad sample
Attitude-We Got the Juice sample
Techno Bass sample
Midnight Star-No Parking on the Dance Floor Sample
Vicious Bass-Shake That Thang
NWA-Something To Dance To
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock sample
DJ Rob Base-It Takes Two sample
Salt & Pepa-Push It sample
Afro-rican-Give It All You Got
Kano-I'm Ready sample
Jonzun Crew-Pac Jam sample
Dial-A-Freak-Uncle Jamm's Army instrumental
Deryck D rap
Clay D-Get Funky
Kraftwerk-Tour De France sample
Freestyle-It's Automatic sample

mp3(courtesy of DJ Deryck D)

Side A-Miami Rumble Mix

Miami Rumble 89' by DJ Deryck D

Side B-Bonus Bounce Mix
Deryck's Bounce Beats by DJ Deryck D