December 28, 2008

Victor & The Glove-Breakmixer(part 1)

This mix was done by Chris "The Glove" Taylor and Victor Flores in 1983.
Part 1 and Part 2 are the same mix.

Ice T - Cold Wind Madness
M.C. Fosty and Lovin C - Radio Activity Rapp
Funkmaster General - L.A L.A
Magic Mike Crew - Magic Mike Theme
Formula V - Killer Groove
Ronnie Hudson & The Street People - West Coast Poplock

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December 26, 2008

Dj EFX Freshmix Volume 1

DJ Mega-mix Vol. 4

In Full Effect - Master Done It (DJ Megamix Vol.3)

DJ Mega-mix Vol. 2 Very Interesting

DJ Norman Cook

Norman Cook has been recording music for almost 20 years. He has been in several bands, used countless aliases, played a variety of instruments and shown that he masters numerous genres. He has had Top 40 hits with six different names. The most recent of his aliases is also the most famous and the most succesful one: Fatboy Slim. This is story of Norman Cook's life.

Quentin "Norman" Cook was born July 31st 1963 in Bromley, England and grew up in Redhill, near London. As a teenager he got excited about punk and already played as a DJ in youth clubs. Later his interest shifted into black musicians' danceable music. Norman's first band was Disque Attack in which he was the drummer and the singer. After a year of playing he and his schoolmate Paul Heaton founded a new band, The Stomping Pond Frogs. Norman played guitar in it. The group split when its members moved elsewhere to go to college, Norman including. He moved to Brighton where he started DJing in clubs using the name Ox.

The Housemartins
In 1985 Norman got a phone call from Heaton who asked him to join a new band called The Housemartins. The original basist Ted Key had left and Heaton wanted Norman to replace him. At first Norman hesitated because The Housemartins played britpop and he was listening to hip hop and soul. But eventually he agreed and moved to Hull where the band was. At the same time he changed his name Quentin - which he had always hated - to Norman. The Housemartins had earlier played as a warm-up band for Billy Bragg and gotten a record deal with his help. By the time Norman came along they were just releasing their first single "Flag Day". Success came instantly. Their third single "Happy Hour" went to third in the UK charts and they got a number one with an acapella song "Caravan Of Love". The first LP "London 0 Hull 4" also reached Top 10 and the group got to tour the world. The second longplayer "The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death" offered Top 20 hits as well but soon after its release the band split. Apparently there was friction between Norman and Heaton about their music style. Norman wanted to try dance and Heaton jazzpop. In the end of 1988 a collection by the name of "Now That's What I Call Quite Good" was released.

After the group split Norman went back to Brighton and started making the kind of music he liked - dance. He had already before The Housemartins release a song called "The Finest Ingredients" with the name DJ Megamix which had been a small hit. Now he made four songs with his own name: "Invasion Of The Estate Agents", "Blame It On The Bassline", "Won’t Talk About It" and "For Spacious Lies". All of which he later used on Beats International's records. They got some attention in the music industry and Norman was able to start a remixer's career. He still also did DJ gigs.

Beats International
Norman's next venture was a mixed and variable assembly by the name of Beats International. Beats International's music used a lot of samples from others music like Fatboy Slim nowadays does. Their debut album was called "Let Them Eat Bingo". The album gave them a number one with "Dub Be Good To Me" (cover of S.O.S. Band's "Just Be Good To Me") and made it to Top 20 itself. In 1991 was released their second record "Excursion On The Version". Unfortunately it wasn't succesful and when Norman's first wife left him, he had a nervous breakdown. It lasted two years during which he didn't make any music - excluding the music he made for The Smurfs videogame when he was in financial troubles. Even medicines prescribed by doctors didn't help. Finally Norman found his inspiration again with the help of Robert Owen's song "I’ll Be Your Friend" and ecstasy given to him by his friends. He then stopped caring about chart positions and things like that.

After recovering Norman founded Freak Power with his friend Ashley Slater. Slater had previously performed on Beats International's gigs and on their second album. Freak Power's music was inspired by the 60's psychedelic music and the 70's funk. "Drive Thru Booty" album in 1994 consisted mostly of material Norman had originally made for Beats International's third record. Its single "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out" caught itself number two chart position when Levi's snatched it for a commercial. After a year of gigs another album was released, "More Of Everything... For Everybody". However the record company didn't believe in the new LP and Freak Power withered away. In 1997 and 1998 a new single "No Way" was put out but a whole longplayer never followed. A collection was released in 2000.

In addition to Freak Power Norman made a new album with a new alias. The album was "Pizzamania" and the alias Pizzaman. The record's singles such as "Trippin' On Sunshine", "Sex On The Streets" and "Happiness" sold nicely. At this time Norman was busy as he also recorded with several other names (for example Mighty Dub Katz, Fried Funk Food, Son Of Cheeky Boy and The Feelgood Factor) and even founded his own record label, Southern Fried Records. At first Norman only released his own music with other aliases through Southern Fried but nowadays it releases music by several different artists.

In 1995 Norman helped Damien Harris found Skint Records and started to make music for it himself - this time big beat. Since Loaded Records (where Harris, too, had worked) owned the name Pizzaman he once again adopted a new alias, Fatboy Slim. At first Fatboy Slim was just a joke to help Skint get started and Norman wouldn't even admit he was the one behind the name. But then the first single "Santa Cruz" unexpectedly got a lot of attention in clubs. More songs were released and they were succesful. Finally Norman shut himself to his attic which he had named The House Of Love. The result was "Better Living Through Chemistry". The name refers to an American slogan from the 50's suggesting that hyperactive children sould be calmed down with Valium and was also a thank you to The Chemical Brothers who had encouraged him to make the album. The record received a lot of enthusiasm and Norman was often asked to DJ in clubs in London such as The Heavenly Social and Big Kahuna Burger. Eventually he got tired of the continuous trips between Bighton and London and founded with Damien Harris and Gareth Money a club to Brighton called Big Beat Boutique which became the new sanctuary of big beat. Fatboy Slim's music received so much attention that Astralwerks Records started marketing the name in America because Skint only operated in Europe. This and a contract with Sony help Skint considerably.

Inspired by Fatboy Slim's success Norman made new music with his old aliases as well. He got more reputation with hit remixes such as Wildchild's "Renegade Master" and Cornershop's "Brimful Of Asha". The last-mentioned was even number one for several weeks. He made both remixes for free but because of them requests for remixes started pouring in. Many of which he declined and among others Madonna, U2 and Robbie Williams were left without a remix.

Soon Norman started work on a successor for "Better Living Through Chemistry". "You've Come A Long Way, Baby" was released in 1998 and it finally hurried him to world-wide fame. The record was sold over four million copies and it was number one all over the world. Singles such as "The Rockafeller Skank" (chart 6), "Gangter Tripping" (chart 3) , "Praise You" (chart 1) and "Right Here, Right Now" (chart 2) were heard everywhere. Fatboy Slim was the biggest British artist in the US.

Zoë & Norman
In an interview for Radio 1 in Ibiza Norman met TV and radio personality Zoë Ball. They started dating and were engaged on Valentine's Day in 1999. They got married the same year on August 22th and got a son called Woody in 2000. They were Brighton's celebrity couple.

After the immense success of Fatboy Slim's second album Norman didn't just want to repeat himself but to do something that had more power and soul to it. The Chemical Brothers convinced him to have visiting performers on the third Fatboy LP. Macy Gray, Ashley Slater, Bootsy Collins and Roger Sanchez appear on the record. The first single "Sunset (Bird Of Prey)" represent a slighty different Fatboy Slim but however reached number three chart position. Norman used a sample from Jim Morrison's "Bird Of Prey" in it. All in all "Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars" (even the name tells about Norman's situation) was a different kind of an album although it did include a couple of big beat rumbles as well. It wasn't a big sales hit even when the second single also reached Top 10. But Norman didn't mind. He didn't enjoy the celebrity life anyway but thought it was stressful.

In July 2001 Norman arranged a free Fatboy Slim DJ gig in his hometown Brighton's beach. The event was a hit and 40 000 people came to see it. As a result a CD was released and the party was arranged again the next year. This time Big Beach Boutique II nicknamed Normstock II got 250 000 people to cram themselves into Brighton when the expected amount was 60 000. The town was completely jammed and eventhough the beach party was once again a success it couldn't be held in Brighton anymore. However in March 2004 a third Big Beach Boutique was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Other similar gigs have also been planned.

In 2005 the fourth Fatboy Slim record was released and the first one to have a short name, "Palookaville". Excluding a couple of songs the new album wasn't the familiar danceable Fatboy but more of a home listening. The style was drawing away from dance and approaching rock. Much like the previous album there were many quest vocalists like Lateef, Damon Albarn and Bootsy Collins. "Palookaville's" sales were the worst of any Fatboy Slim album as it only quickly dropped by at the charts. Despite of this many of the promotion gigs were sold out. His own music was more chilled but Norman still played quaranteed dance tunes as a DJ. Even at the moment he is touring the world.


December 25, 2008

Rap Graffiti

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

A1 B-Side Une Sale Histoire
A2 Fab 5 Freddy Change The Beat
A3 Phase 2 (2) The Roxy
A4 Grandmixer D. ST.* & Infinity Rappers, The Grandmixer (Cuts It Up)
Producer - D.ST.

B1 B-Side , Grandmixer D. ST.* , Phase 2 (2) & Smurfs, The Krush Groove
Producer - D.ST.
B2 Smurfs, The Smurf For What It's Worth
Co-producer - Bernard Fowler
Producer - Steven Brown (2)
B3 Futura 2000 The Escapades Of Futura 2000
Producer - Clash, The

Note: Krush Groove is a megamix of the other tracks in this compilation

Battle of Roxanne

December 24, 2008

December 22, 2008

I Like Percussion

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1985-1986.

First Choice-Double Cross
Kraftwerk---We are the Robots
Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express
Kraftwerk-It's More Fun To Compute
Doctors Cat-Feel The Drive
NV-It's Alright
T Connection-Saturday Night (screamin)
Gino Soccio-It's Alright
James Brown-Body Heat
Pressure Drop-Rock The House
Evelyn Thomas-High Energy
Raw Silk-Do It
Bumble Bee Unlimited-I Got A Big Bee
Bootsy Collins-Body Slam
Skatt Brothers-Walk The Night
Visual-The Music Got Me
Loleatta Holloway-Crash Goes Love-Love Sensation
Martin Circus-Disco Circus


Clap Your Hands-Mixbuster Mix

Gangsta/Hype Mix

NWA-Gangsta Gangsta
Ice T-I'm Your Pusher
K9 Posse - Ain't Nothin' To It
Ice T - G.L.G.B.N.A.F
James Brown - Funky Drummer
Public Enemy-Don't Believe the Hype
MC Hammer-Let's Get It Started
Salt & Pepa-Shake That Thing
True Mathematics - For The Money
Rick James - Loosey's Rap
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
MC Hammer-Let's Get It Started
Rockmaster Scott-The Roof Is On Fire
Vikki Love - Take A Chance
Janet Jackson-Nasty
MC Hammer-Pump It Up
Tone Loc-Wildthing
Hashim-AL Naafyish
She Rockers - Give It a Rest
Rockmaster Scott - The Roof (inst beats)
Rodney O-Yeah Boy
Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock-It Takes Two
Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock-Get On The Dancefloor
Aleem-Release Yourself
Captain Rock - Captain Rock To The Future Shock
Big Daddy Kane - Raw
Bobby Brown-My Perogative

thx to CPB and EZK for the tracklistng

December 21, 2008

The Mafia-The Scene of the Crime

Underground Posse-Master Mix '89

Dope Side

Long Cassette Version(3 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Freestyle Side

Long Cassette Version-Freestyle Side

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Beta Test Samplers D-Lite

A DJ MrSM-Prime Kut Pay Back

Cold Crush Brothers-Fly, Fresh, Wild and Bold
Marley Marl-He Cuts So Fresh
Tricky Tee-Johnnie the Fox
James Brown-Funky Drummer
Doug E Fresh-Nuthin(Scratch)
UTFO-Bite It(sample)
Marley Marl-He Cuts So Fresh
Biz Markie-Nobody Beats the Biz
True Mathematics-After Dark
Sweet Tee-Its My Beat
Doug E Fresh-La Di Da Di
Tone Loc-Loc'ed After Dark
MC SHY D-Yes Yes Y'all

Thx JimmyJamm for the assistance

December 20, 2008

Miami Power Mix 1 & 2

808 bass Backbeat
Intro(Ronnie G-Raptivity)
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Marrs-Pump Up The Volume
Michael Jackson-Rock With You
Funkadelic-Knee Deep
Paul Hardcastle-19
Renegades of Funk sample
I Like Percussion sample
Simon Harris-Bass(How Low Can You Go)

Miami Power Mix 3 & 4

Volume 3-Tracklist

Battery Brain Backbeat
We're Rockin the Planet
Kraftwerk-Music Non Stop
Newcleus-Jam On It
Freestyle-It's Automatic
Channel One-Technicolor
Soul Sonic Force-Looking For the Perfect Beat
Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock
Royal Cash-Radioactive
Yellow Magic Orchestra-Computer Games
Rodney O+Joe Cooley-Cooley High

December 18, 2008

Awesome-Original Party Mix

Rham-Let's Dance


December 14, 2008

Saturday Nite At the Mixes

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1983-1984.

Freeez-Pop Goes My Love
Whodin-Haunted House of Rock
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Xena-On The Upside
Dimples D-Sucker DJ
Globe And Whiz Kid-Play That Beat
Captain Rock-Return Of Captain Rock
Hashim-Al Naayfish
Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me
Ten Speed-Tour De France
Planet Patrol- Didn't Know I Love You
Prince-Irresistable B*itch

December 11, 2008

Double C


Double B


Double A

Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock (backbeat)
Xavier Gold - You Used to Hold Me
Voices in Fashion-Only In the Night
Cynthia-Change on Me
Judy Torres-Come Into My Arms
Nairobi-Free Beats
MC Cool Rock & Mc Chazsy Chess - Boot the Booty
Information Society-Running
Kraze - The Party
Toddy Terry Project-Bango
JD-I Ain't Gonna Wait
Stevie B-Spring Love

Special thanks to NJDJ

December 7, 2008

Hit Hip Hop On Hot Vinyl

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

This mix was done by Dr. Dre in 1985.

A1 Egyptian Lover Egypt Egypt (3:15)
Producer - Egyptian Lover
A2 World Class Wreckin' Cru Surgery (5:17)
Producer - Lonzo
A3 Unknown DJ, The Let's Jam (4:04)
Producer - Unknown DJ, The
A4 Bobby Jimmy And The Critters Ugly Women (1:59)
Producer - Egyptian Lover
A5 Uncle Jamm's Army What's Your Sign (1:20)
Producer - Hank Donig , Uncle Jamm's Army
A6 Uncle Jamm's Army Naughty Boy (1:24)
Producer - Hank Donig , Uncle Jamm's Army

B1 Bobby Jimmy And The Critters Big Butt (3:54)
Producer - Russ Parr
B2 2 Live Crew, The Revelation (1:15)
Producer - 2 Live Crew, The
B3 L.A. Dream Team Rockberry Jam (2:17)
Producer - Courtney Branch , L.A. Dream Team , Tracy Kendrick
B4 Arabian Prince, The Innovator (2:24)
Co-producer - Courtney Branch
Producer - Arabian Prince, The
B5 Egyptian Lover Girls (4:47)
Producer - Close Friend Computers, The , Egyptian Lover

December 6, 2008

DJ Sanny X

To make a very long story short, Sanny Xenokottas started off as dj in 1979. A couple of years later, his name was shortened down to just "Sanny X". Sanny X is the DJ, remixer, and producer best recognized for innovatively pioneering the art of remixing in the UK during the '80s.

Sanny began mixing at the age of 19 playing afro-funk, salsa, reggae & soul at Studio 8 in the heart of Gotheburg (Sweden) were he was raised. He further developed his mixing style at Club Heaven from '82-'84 incorporating synthesizers and drum machines in his set.

Through a mix contest that was organized by Radio Luxemburg, Sanny was discovered by Disco Mix Club founder, Tony Prince. In the spring of 1984, he was invited to perform in London at the first international DJ convention.
Same night he received a standing ovation from over 2000 DJ's at the Hippodrome for his mixing exhibition using a digital sampling delay and was dubbed the DJ of tomorrow.

Sanny is one of the first DJ/Remixers that helped develop the art of blending hit songs of one or more artists together seamlessly, commonly known today as a Megamix.

He has delivered an endless string of mixes for DMC and various major labels. During his career several artists have had their songs remixed or produced by Sanny. Worthy mentions are, Madonna, James Brown, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, Jermanie Jackson, Ray Parker JR, Bryan Adams, Billy Ocean just to name a few. The extensive list of remixes and productions can be found here.

In 1985, Sanny won the coveted DMC-Stanton DJ award for best remix, Colonel Abrams -Trapped. Same year, he also won the British Disco & Club trade international magazine poll award "Mixing DJ of 1985".

During 1985-89, Sanny was featured as resident DJ at London's World Famous Hippodrome at well as famous night spots all over Europe. During the summer of 1987 in Benidorm (Spain) he promoted the balearic style and acid house. In 1991 he was awarded the Remixeur N'3 Mondial from DMC France.

Sanny recently scored Top 5 on the Billboard Chart with his song Higher. The song has currently been released in the U.K and Europe after being one of the hottest summer promos in Ibiza during the summer 2007.



December 5, 2008

Let The Music Scratch

A1 Shannon Let The Music Play (4:31)
A2 C.O.D. In The Bottle (3:50)
A3 Beat Boys, The Be Bop Rock (2:12)
A4 Xena On The Upside (4:27)
A5 Main Line Somebody's Watching Me (5:22)

B1 Shannon Give Me Tonight (5:13)
B2 International Music System Non Line (2:39)
B3 Man Parrish Techno Trax (2:44)
B4 Filipponio All' Arrembaggio (5:04)
B5 Shannon Let The Music Play (Rhapsody) (4:06)

December 1, 2008

New York City Prime Cuts-Volume 2

Mixer is unknown. This megamix was released in 1988.

Partial Tracklisting
Pretty Poison-Catch Me I'm Falling
Michael Jackson-I'm Bad
Janet Jackson-Nasty Girl
Stevie B-Dreamin
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Salt & Pepa-Push It
Two Live Crew-We Want Some Pu**y
Kid & Play-Last Night
Harold Faltermeyer-Axel F
Roxanne Shante
LL Cool J
Joeski Love-Pee Wee Dance
Public Enemy-Rebel Without A Pause
Eric B & Rakim
Joyce Sims-Love of A Lifetime
Dana Dane-Cinderfella
Rodney O-These Are My Beats
Nocera-Let's Go
Criminal Nation-Put The Needle To the Record
Lisa Lisa
Two Live Crew-We Want Some Pu**y
Herman Kelly-Dance to the Drummer's Beat

Many more edits, samples and scratches throughout this mastermix

Grandmaster Melle Mel -The Mega-melle Mix

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

DJ Sanny X was the mixer for this 1985 release.

A The Mega-Melle Mix (5:00)
B World War III (8:00)

November 30, 2008

Prime Kut 3

The mixer is unknown.

Rockberry Jam(primary backbeat)
loads of scratches and samples in the first 7 minutes
Bobby Jimmy-My Computer is Down

Prime Kut 2

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1985.

Lisa Lisa-I Wonder If I Take You Home
Shannon-Do You Wanna Get Away
Steve Arington-Feels So Real
Club Record-Axel F(Latin Rascals mix)
Kool And The Gang-Fresh
Rose Royce-Love Me Right Now
Mary Jane Girls-In My House
Jesse Johnson Revue-Can You Help Me?
Paul Hardcastle-King Tut
Prince-Raspberry Berret
Marvin Gaye-Sancified Lady
Alexander O Neil-Innocent
Debbie Deb-Lookout Weekend
Dwebbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Klymaxx-The Men All Pause
Kool And The Gang-Fresh

November 29, 2008

Prime Kuts

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1984.

Paul Hardcastle-Rain Forest
Rock Master Scott-Request Line
Midnight Star-Operator/Electricity
Barkays-She's Got The Body
Hall And Oates-Out Of Touch
Klymaxx-The Men All Pause
Rock Master Scott-THe Roof Is On Fire(Instrumental)
The Egyptian Lover-Dubb Girls

Turntable Trix One

LL Cool J-I'm Bad
Dana Dane-Cinderfella
Public Enemy-Sophisticated Bitch
Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch
I Know You Got Soul-Eric B & Rakim
Boys N Da Hood-Easy E
Girl Talk-The Boogie Boys
Salt And Pepa-I'll Take Your Man
Rebel Without A Pause-Public Enemy
Hip Hop Bystander-Magnetic Force
World Class Wreckin' Crew-Cabbage Patch
O Jays-For The Love Of Money
Eric B-Paid In Full
Nobody Beats The Biz-Biz Markie
Bob James-Mardi Gras
Salt And Pepa-Tramp
6 In The Morning-Ice T
Hold It Now-Beastie Boys
Have A Nice Day-Roxanne Shante
Howie's Tee'd Off-The Real Roxanne
Spoonie G-Gothfather
World Class Wreckin Crew-Must Be The Music-Juice
Salt And Pepa-Push It
JJ Fad-Supersonic
World Class Wreckin Crew-House Calls-Surgery
Gigolo Tony-Smurf Rock
Morris Day-Oak Tree
Juice-World Class Wreckin Crew
Throw That D-2 Live Crew


November 16, 2008

Morgan Khan-Founder of Streetsound

One of the pioneers in the UK. He brought the new rap and electro sound to England.

from Wikipedia
Morgan Khan is a legendary music mogul, entrepreneur and founder of the iconic Street Sounds (Record Label). Morgan Khan’s contribution to the music industry and his expertise and experience in breaking new artists and music genres is recognised throughout the world. He has been actively involved in the recording industry since 1978 in various capacities including A&R, promotions & marketing, producing, publishing, artist management, concert promoter and executive company management. Morgan Khan is accredited as pioneering Electro/Hip Hop and House music in Europe.

Demise of Streetsounds

These Beats Won't Stop

DJ Interface & The Sound Connection Mix Masters - These Beats Won't Stop.

This megamix uses elements of:
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Stephanie - Get Away
Timmy T - Time After Time (Inst)
Jaya - If You Leave Me Now
Pretty Tony - Jam The Box
Jamie Jupiter - Computer Power (Inst)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Inst)
Matrix - It's Time To Rock
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Inst)
Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest
File 13 - Taste So Good
The U-Gents - Chain Gang
Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got


New York vs. LA Beats

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

A01 Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Planet Rock
Producer - Arthur Baker
A02 Hashim Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Producer - Jerry Calliste Jr.
A03 Captain Rock The Return Of Captain Rock
Producer - Fantastic Aleems, The*
A04 Aleem Release Yourself
Producer - Tunde Ra Aleem
A05 Man Parrish Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
Producer - Herbie Hancock , Material
A06 Pumpkin King Of The Beat
Producer - Pumpkin
A07 B-Boys, The Two, Three Break
Producer - Vincent Davis (2)
A08 Russell Brothers, The The Party Scene (SV)
Producer - Larry Joseph , Russell Brothers, The
A09 Fresh 3 MC's Fresh
Producer - Bill Moore , Dave Ogrin
A10 Whodini Freaks Come Out At Night
Producer - Larry Smith
A11 UTFO Roxanne, Roxanne
Producer - Full Force

B01 L.A. Dream Team Rockberry Jam
Producer - Tracy Kendrick
B02 Unknown DJ, The 808 Beats
Producer - Andre Manuel
B03 D.E.F. feat. DJ Three D D.E.F. Momentum
Producer - DJ Three D , Russ Parr
B04 World Class Wreckin' Cru Surgery
Producer - Lanzo Williams
B05 Egyptian Lover Egypt, Egypt
Producer - Egyptian Lover
B06 World Class Wreckin' Cru Juice
Producer - Lanzo Williams
B07 Unknown DJ, The Let's Jam
Producer - Andre Manuel
B08 Egyptian Lover Girls
Producer - Egyptian Lover
B09 Uncle Jamm's Army Naughty Boy
Producer - Roger Clayton
B10 Knights Of The Turntables Techno-Scratch
Producer - Jim Callon
B11 Knights Of The Turntables We Are The Knights
Producer - Curtis Harvey (2) , Jim Callon
B12 Chris "The Glove" Taylor Itchiban Scratch
Producer - Chris "The Glove" Taylor , David Storrs

NY Side

DJ Cameron Paul

Cameron Paul was one of the premier radio & club dj on the West Coast in the 1980s.

TV interview


DJ Cameron Paul's Myspace

from his Myspace
He started mixing in clubs in 1977. Had my first radio mix show on San Francisco's KSOL in 1983. Moved my show to KMEL in 1987 bringing my high ratings with me and making KMEL Number One in the San Francisco Bay Area. That same year I remixed Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It", turning it into a platinum record. I remixed virtually every hot dance record for my DJ remix service, "Mixx-It".

November 11, 2008

Tommy Boy-3D Megamix

Tommy Boy Megamix" by 3-D (Ralph D'Agostino, Tommy Musto and Tomy Sozzi, who won the Tommy Boy Renegades Of Funk Big Beat Bust Out Mastermix II competition with this mix

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Major Sections from
DJ Whiz Kid-Play That Beat
Soul Sonic Force-Renegades of Funk
Soul Sonic Force-Looking For the Perfect Beat
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk
and others in the Tommy Boy catalog


Tommy Boy label

The story of Tommy Boy label

Latin Rascals-Edits In the Mix

Albert Cabrera use to do "pause button mixes" and play for his friends...most thought he was crazy for doing this "edit" style, but he kept at it, because his idol Shep Pettibone was doing something similar at Kiss FM. One day he was playing one of his mixes in the record store that he worked at when a popular KTU DJ by the name of Carlos Dejesus walked in and heard this mix playing. Carlos knew he had heard something special and asked if he would be interested in having his mixes played on WKTU. The only snag was he needed a reel to reel (which he didn't have, but his friend Tony Maran did). Soon the two managed to transfer the cassette mix to reel to reel and give to Carlos. Soon the duo were doing mixes regularly aired during Paco's (Manuel "Paquito" Navarro) timeslot. "The Paco Supermixes" would air every weekday Monday-Friday at exactly 4:10 pm to 4:32 pm. ( most dont know the exact length these mixes were, but I do (hehe) they are all precisely 22 minutes in length. ) Paco thought the duo needed a catchy name and would make up names of the spot while their mixes aired...experimenting and saying things like "this mix was done by latin lovers....young rascals, etc..until one day he called them "THE LATIN RASCALS" and Tony & Albert absolutely loved the name, hence that is who they would become known to the world as. One day Arthur Baker had been listening to KTU at 4:10 when he heard an "LR" mix, and the rascals at the time were mixing up lots of Baker produced tracks in that particular mix (they didnt even realize at the time that almost their entire mix was Arthur Baker, it was just the music that they liked). The mix was very creative...remixing many of Baker's tracks and improving on already great tunes. Baker was so impressed he called the station right away inquiring on who the Latin Rascals were and how he could get in touch with them. He tracked the Latin Rascals down and offered them a job to do some remixing for him. They gladly accepted and headed into his studio. They were instructed on what to do and shown all kinds of equipment they never knew how to operate. They didnt tell anyone, but pretended that they knew. At this time they still didnt know how to edit on reel-reel tape machines and practiced for hours until they learned which tape-head to take the razor blade to. Of course they figured it all out eventually, and got the job completed in a timely fashion...and that was their first start into studio remixing.
After KTU, the Latin Rascals went on to KISS FM around 1984 to do the 3 hour mastermix dance parties. The mixing style was a bit different, as these were not the quick 22 minute long "medleys" you would hear on KTU but long sets with many songs being played in their entirety (of course which many times included slick editing, remixing and sampling). After the days of "Mastermixing" left the NY dance scene they both went on to produce and remix tracks for many different artists.


New York Scratchmaster Jam 1

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Mixer is unknown. Another mystery to solve.

Laid Back - White Horse
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Deele - Body Talk
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
Globe And Whiz Kid - Play That Beat
Art Of Noise - Beat Box
Davy DMX - One For The Treble
Xena - On The Upside