December 22, 2008

I Like Percussion

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Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1985-1986.

First Choice-Double Cross
Kraftwerk---We are the Robots
Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express
Kraftwerk-It's More Fun To Compute
Doctors Cat-Feel The Drive
NV-It's Alright
T Connection-Saturday Night (screamin)
Gino Soccio-It's Alright
James Brown-Body Heat
Pressure Drop-Rock The House
Evelyn Thomas-High Energy
Raw Silk-Do It
Bumble Bee Unlimited-I Got A Big Bee
Bootsy Collins-Body Slam
Skatt Brothers-Walk The Night
Visual-The Music Got Me
Loleatta Holloway-Crash Goes Love-Love Sensation
Martin Circus-Disco Circus


1 comment:

aj0680 said...

you forget "Relax" by Frankey goes to Hollywood and "Body Slam" by Bootsy Collins