January 17, 2009

Big Apple Production-Vol. 1

The mixer is credited as Ser & Duff in 1982. This was just an alias.

Human League-Don't You Want Me(Dub)
Sharon Redd-Beat The Street
Heaven 17-Let me Go
Rocker's Revenge-Walking on Sunshine
Planet Patrol Play at your own risk
Modern Romance-Can You Move
Bohannon-Lets Start to Dance
Clash-Magnificent Dance
Nancy Martin-Can't Believe
Pressure Drop-Rock the House
Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock
Nairobi-Soul Makossa
Jonzun Crew-Pack jam
Man parrish-Hip Hop Bebop
D-train-Keep On
Barbara Norris-It's Heavy
Silver connection-Get Up and Boogie (thats right)
Aretha franklin-Jump to It
Howard Johnson-So Fine
James Brown-Sex Machine
Jive Rythm Trax 108 bpm
Rockers Revenge-Walking on Sunshine
Warp 9-Nunk
Edwin Starr-Contact
Yaz-Don't Go
D Train-D Rrain Dub
Toney Lee-Reach Up
Micheal Jackson-Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Gap Band-You Drop a Bomb on Me
Steve Miller-Abracadabra
ABC-The Look of Love
Carol Jiani Hit n Run Lover
Divine-Step by Step
Bobby O-She has a Way
Paul Parker-Right on Target
Pat Cowley-Megatron Man
Divine-Shoot Your Shot
Donna Summer-I Feel Love
Village People-YMCA
Ronni Griffith-Best Part of Breaking Up
Lime-Baby We're Gonna Love Tonight
Pat Cowley-Menergy
Sylvester Do You Wanna Funk
Lime-Come & Get Your Love

Article from Disco Patrick

A lot of bootlegs medleys were copied from tapes recorded from radio shows or from acetates.
So the names on a medley are mostley never from the real creator of the mix.
There are two stories about the creators of the Big Apple 1.

The first story is about DJ Mikey D'Merola (the creator of the Bits and Pieces 1 and 2).
In a interview he mentioned that he made an acetate of his mix for use during his DJ gigs.
Than he told that someone pirated a copy and released it without giving Mikey any credit.

The second story is: Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran (The Latin Rascals) made a lot of mixes for the radio shows which were originally aired by WKTU in New York.
Somebody recorded it professionally and made a bootleg of it.
If you listen to the style of the mixes which are from Tony and Albert back then it will clearly state them as the creators of it.
It has all their trademarks in it.
I heared from someone who knows Albert, that he had seen the original mastertape of this one (Albert owns it, with the stickers still visible !).
I also heared the story that people who worked at the radio station copied the mixes on 1/4" tape and if the quality was high enough they provided them to the guys who presses bootlegs.

So with this information i'm personally for 100 % shure the mix was made by the Latin Rascals.
It could be that Mikey have been involved with pressing it on vinyl and took all the credit of it.
As far as i know, all the mixes crediting "Ser & Duff" were made by the Latin Rascals.

The second part on JT records (Original Big Apple II) is also credited to "Ser & Duff" and is also exactly in the Latin Rascals style.
JT Records stands for Julio and Tuta (the brazilian guys) bootlegs.

Condensed Article from Discomusic.com

The Big Apple Mix
Many people besides the dancers took notice. Eventually this led him to creating the infamous "Bits and Pieces 1 and 2" DJ mix plates. Shortly thereafter, he cut an acetate with edits of late 70s/early 80s songs for use during his DJ gigs. Well, someone pirated a copy and released it without giving Mikey any credit. This bootleg release was to became the legendary Big Apple Mix. DJ's everywhere were playing it on the dance floor. To everyone's surprise it would be so popular that it was even played by radio stations, especially WKTU in New York City.

Being that Mikey was well known, most industry people were aware that he was the original creator of the Big Apple Mix. Unfortunately some had erroneously assumed that he was also the one who released the bootlegs in the first place and didn't want to work with him. What's interesting is that the many record labels of the day refused to release similar mixes even after seeing the huge success of the "Big Apple Mix." In the end, the most important thing to Mikey is that he knows that everyone enjoyed his work and "that's worth more than money or fame."

In 1982 Mikey married and a year later they both had a child. He continued mixing, but says around 1985 or so that the music was getting tired and was just empty. He kept busy with a family business while playing every now and again. About a year or two ago, Mikey met up with some of his old acquaintances from the golden days of Disco. One of them was Joe Causi who was now back on the air on the newly resurrected WKTU radio which was playing Disco and todays dance sounds. That was it, Mikey was reenergized and after a month was back into the music as if nothing had ever happened.


mp3 http://www.mixcrate.com/yldstyldjmiggy/big-apple-mix-vol-1-hits-of-1982-416657


WHCS said...

Thank you so much for posting this intriguing information. I just recently picked this record up for less than a dollar at recently closed music shop in Queens, NY. What a fucking bomb! This mix has my jaw on the floor! I am trying to learn how to properly DJ mix stuff and this is pure genius inspiration.

Long Live NY Disco


Thanks very much for the info, yo!!