December 3, 2009

DJ Mega-Mix Vol. 1

Thix mix was done by Norman Cook. This was released in 1986.

This record was really well ahead of it's time! This was released when Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), was still in Indie group The Housemartins, and this influenced hundreds of turntablist cut-cup records (such as Coldut's Beats + Pieces).

The reason this never got released was due to the heavy amount of samples in it (dialogue from Doctor Who, Batman, The Jungle Book, and lots of familiar bronx breaks samples), and got bootlegged to death (under the name of Norman Housemartin!).

On to the record itself. In my ears, the main part sounds a heck of a lot like the Inspector Gadget theme, and Norm incorporates loops of him doing some turntablism (a thing that he almost dosen't do nowerdays), and the other side features the same track, but with Norm himself rapping (badly) with future Beats International member, MC Wildski!


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