September 16, 2010


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Cameron Paul put out this masterful mix in 1984. It was later released on his own Mixx-it record label.

Unknown intro
West Street Mob-Mosquito
Herbie Hancock-Rockit
Hip Hop On Wax Vol.1-Dj Chuck Chillout
Egyptian Lover-What Is A DJ If He Can't Scratch
Bar Kays-Sexomatic
I Want To Be Real-John Rocca
Eve -Take A Bite
Hall & Oates-Out Of Touch
We're Rockin The Planet-Hashim
Shannon-Give Me Tonight
Arthur Baker-Breakers Revenge
Hashim-Al Naafyish
Egyptian Lover sample
The Bird-Time
Dial A Freak-Uncle Jamms Army sample
Run DMC-Hard Times
Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk
Egyptian Lover-Egypt, Egypt
David Van Tieghem-These Things Happen
Art Of Noise-Beatbox
Dial A Freak-Uncle Jamms Army sample
Twilight 22-Siberian Nights
Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Kano-I'm Ready
File 13-Taste So Good
Guru-Who You Stealing From
The Jackson-Torture
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Pretty Tony-Fix It In The Mix
Diana Ross sample
Sylvester-Rock Box
File 13-Taste So Good

September 15, 2010


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