March 20, 2009

MFSB-Love Is the Message

Remix by Danny Krivit done.

March 1, 2009

Davy G

This mix was done by UK DJ Davy G in 1988.

From Discog
This is one of my favourite records of all time. Where do I begin with a review! OK...I first heard of Davy G on Chiltern Radio back when I was a teenager, he used to send in cut & paste style mixes to DJ Louie Martin, who did the soul show. I would wait each week, enjoying Louie play the soul stuff and occasional Hip Hop tune, waiting to hear these incredible mixes by Davy.

Davy not only had a knack for some great blends, he could also scratch really well too and I'd say this guy's mixes inspired me to DJ as much as any US DJ's at the time like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money or whoever else was big then. On one show I remember Louie announcing that Davy G would be releasing a 12" and he played 'Dynamix III' on the show, a tune he couldn't really not play as Davy sampled Louie at the end of the mix saying 'D-D-D-Davy G' and 'What a brilliant, brilliant mix'!

The next time I was in Bluebird Records (Luton) I picked up the 12" and was so excited to hear Davy G on wax. I listened to Dynamix which features Davy mixing up Dynamix II's 'Just Give The DJ A Break'(hence the title)along with other great tunes of that era and a real memorable part was him cutting up the intro to Nitro Deluxe 'Lets Get Brutal' note by note (you gotta hear it to appreciate it and don't forget this was years ago, it was really fresh at the time! You know say I tried to learn that with the same record, but Davy just smashed it with that mix.

The flip was just as dope, starting off with Davy mixing the Elephant marching song off The Jungle Book over a drum break and tearing into Roxanne Shante's 'Have A Nice Day'. This is an incredible 12" and would be instantly loved by anyone who enjoys hearing a good DJ mixing and scratching those late 80's Hip Hop/Soul/House tunes so seek out a copy and check out the legend of my youth that is Davy G!

Side A

Side A
Selected Tracklisting

Dynamix II-Just Give the DJ A Break
Hashim-Al Naafyish
Nitro Deluxe-Let's Get Brutal
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
B Boys-Rock The House
Egyptian Lover-What Is A DJ If Can't Scratch?
3d-Tommy Boy Megamix(that's my man throwing down sample)
Dynamix II-Just Give the DJ A Break
Hanson-I'll Take You On
Hanson -Hungry For Your Love
The B-boys-2,3 Break
GrandMaster Flash and The Furious Five - Scorpio
Original Concept-Pump That Bass(Get a Little Stupid sample)
The Jacksons-Can You Feel It?

Side B

Side B
Selected Tracklisting
Coldcut-Bits & Pieces
I Like Percussion sample
Schooly D-Saturday Night
Kid & Play-Last Night
LL Cool J-Jack The Ripper
Roxanne Shante-Have A Nice Day
Rakim-I Know You Got Soul(Pump Up the Volume sample)
Stock Aitken Waterman - Roadblock
Public Enemy-Rebel Without a Pause
James Brown sample
LL Cool J-Rock The Bell
Derek B - Get Down
Alexander O'Neal-Hearsay
CJ Mackintosh And Einstein - The Tables Are Turnin'
Public Enemy sample