November 30, 2008

Prime Kut 3

The mixer is unknown.

Rockberry Jam(primary backbeat)
loads of scratches and samples in the first 7 minutes
Bobby Jimmy-My Computer is Down

Prime Kut 2

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1985.

Lisa Lisa-I Wonder If I Take You Home
Shannon-Do You Wanna Get Away
Steve Arington-Feels So Real
Club Record-Axel F(Latin Rascals mix)
Kool And The Gang-Fresh
Rose Royce-Love Me Right Now
Mary Jane Girls-In My House
Jesse Johnson Revue-Can You Help Me?
Paul Hardcastle-King Tut
Prince-Raspberry Berret
Marvin Gaye-Sancified Lady
Alexander O Neil-Innocent
Debbie Deb-Lookout Weekend
Dwebbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Klymaxx-The Men All Pause
Kool And The Gang-Fresh

November 29, 2008

Prime Kuts

Mixer is unknown. This mix was released circa 1984.

Paul Hardcastle-Rain Forest
Rock Master Scott-Request Line
Midnight Star-Operator/Electricity
Barkays-She's Got The Body
Hall And Oates-Out Of Touch
Klymaxx-The Men All Pause
Rock Master Scott-THe Roof Is On Fire(Instrumental)
The Egyptian Lover-Dubb Girls

Turntable Trix One

LL Cool J-I'm Bad
Dana Dane-Cinderfella
Public Enemy-Sophisticated Bitch
Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch
I Know You Got Soul-Eric B & Rakim
Boys N Da Hood-Easy E
Girl Talk-The Boogie Boys
Salt And Pepa-I'll Take Your Man
Rebel Without A Pause-Public Enemy
Hip Hop Bystander-Magnetic Force
World Class Wreckin' Crew-Cabbage Patch
O Jays-For The Love Of Money
Eric B-Paid In Full
Nobody Beats The Biz-Biz Markie
Bob James-Mardi Gras
Salt And Pepa-Tramp
6 In The Morning-Ice T
Hold It Now-Beastie Boys
Have A Nice Day-Roxanne Shante
Howie's Tee'd Off-The Real Roxanne
Spoonie G-Gothfather
World Class Wreckin Crew-Must Be The Music-Juice
Salt And Pepa-Push It
JJ Fad-Supersonic
World Class Wreckin Crew-House Calls-Surgery
Gigolo Tony-Smurf Rock
Morris Day-Oak Tree
Juice-World Class Wreckin Crew
Throw That D-2 Live Crew


November 16, 2008

Morgan Khan-Founder of Streetsound

One of the pioneers in the UK. He brought the new rap and electro sound to England.

from Wikipedia
Morgan Khan is a legendary music mogul, entrepreneur and founder of the iconic Street Sounds (Record Label). Morgan Khan’s contribution to the music industry and his expertise and experience in breaking new artists and music genres is recognised throughout the world. He has been actively involved in the recording industry since 1978 in various capacities including A&R, promotions & marketing, producing, publishing, artist management, concert promoter and executive company management. Morgan Khan is accredited as pioneering Electro/Hip Hop and House music in Europe.

Demise of Streetsounds

These Beats Won't Stop

DJ Interface & The Sound Connection Mix Masters - These Beats Won't Stop.

This megamix uses elements of:
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Stephanie - Get Away
Timmy T - Time After Time (Inst)
Jaya - If You Leave Me Now
Pretty Tony - Jam The Box
Jamie Jupiter - Computer Power (Inst)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Inst)
Matrix - It's Time To Rock
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Inst)
Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest
File 13 - Taste So Good
The U-Gents - Chain Gang
Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got


New York vs. LA Beats

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

A01 Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Planet Rock
Producer - Arthur Baker
A02 Hashim Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Producer - Jerry Calliste Jr.
A03 Captain Rock The Return Of Captain Rock
Producer - Fantastic Aleems, The*
A04 Aleem Release Yourself
Producer - Tunde Ra Aleem
A05 Man Parrish Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
Producer - Herbie Hancock , Material
A06 Pumpkin King Of The Beat
Producer - Pumpkin
A07 B-Boys, The Two, Three Break
Producer - Vincent Davis (2)
A08 Russell Brothers, The The Party Scene (SV)
Producer - Larry Joseph , Russell Brothers, The
A09 Fresh 3 MC's Fresh
Producer - Bill Moore , Dave Ogrin
A10 Whodini Freaks Come Out At Night
Producer - Larry Smith
A11 UTFO Roxanne, Roxanne
Producer - Full Force

B01 L.A. Dream Team Rockberry Jam
Producer - Tracy Kendrick
B02 Unknown DJ, The 808 Beats
Producer - Andre Manuel
B03 D.E.F. feat. DJ Three D D.E.F. Momentum
Producer - DJ Three D , Russ Parr
B04 World Class Wreckin' Cru Surgery
Producer - Lanzo Williams
B05 Egyptian Lover Egypt, Egypt
Producer - Egyptian Lover
B06 World Class Wreckin' Cru Juice
Producer - Lanzo Williams
B07 Unknown DJ, The Let's Jam
Producer - Andre Manuel
B08 Egyptian Lover Girls
Producer - Egyptian Lover
B09 Uncle Jamm's Army Naughty Boy
Producer - Roger Clayton
B10 Knights Of The Turntables Techno-Scratch
Producer - Jim Callon
B11 Knights Of The Turntables We Are The Knights
Producer - Curtis Harvey (2) , Jim Callon
B12 Chris "The Glove" Taylor Itchiban Scratch
Producer - Chris "The Glove" Taylor , David Storrs

NY Side

DJ Cameron Paul

Cameron Paul was one of the premier radio & club dj on the West Coast in the 1980s.

TV interview


DJ Cameron Paul's Myspace

from his Myspace
He started mixing in clubs in 1977. Had my first radio mix show on San Francisco's KSOL in 1983. Moved my show to KMEL in 1987 bringing my high ratings with me and making KMEL Number One in the San Francisco Bay Area. That same year I remixed Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It", turning it into a platinum record. I remixed virtually every hot dance record for my DJ remix service, "Mixx-It".

November 11, 2008

Tommy Boy-3D Megamix

Tommy Boy Megamix" by 3-D (Ralph D'Agostino, Tommy Musto and Tomy Sozzi, who won the Tommy Boy Renegades Of Funk Big Beat Bust Out Mastermix II competition with this mix

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Major Sections from
DJ Whiz Kid-Play That Beat
Soul Sonic Force-Renegades of Funk
Soul Sonic Force-Looking For the Perfect Beat
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk
and others in the Tommy Boy catalog


Tommy Boy label

The story of Tommy Boy label

Latin Rascals-Edits In the Mix

Albert Cabrera use to do "pause button mixes" and play for his friends...most thought he was crazy for doing this "edit" style, but he kept at it, because his idol Shep Pettibone was doing something similar at Kiss FM. One day he was playing one of his mixes in the record store that he worked at when a popular KTU DJ by the name of Carlos Dejesus walked in and heard this mix playing. Carlos knew he had heard something special and asked if he would be interested in having his mixes played on WKTU. The only snag was he needed a reel to reel (which he didn't have, but his friend Tony Maran did). Soon the two managed to transfer the cassette mix to reel to reel and give to Carlos. Soon the duo were doing mixes regularly aired during Paco's (Manuel "Paquito" Navarro) timeslot. "The Paco Supermixes" would air every weekday Monday-Friday at exactly 4:10 pm to 4:32 pm. ( most dont know the exact length these mixes were, but I do (hehe) they are all precisely 22 minutes in length. ) Paco thought the duo needed a catchy name and would make up names of the spot while their mixes aired...experimenting and saying things like "this mix was done by latin lovers....young rascals, etc..until one day he called them "THE LATIN RASCALS" and Tony & Albert absolutely loved the name, hence that is who they would become known to the world as. One day Arthur Baker had been listening to KTU at 4:10 when he heard an "LR" mix, and the rascals at the time were mixing up lots of Baker produced tracks in that particular mix (they didnt even realize at the time that almost their entire mix was Arthur Baker, it was just the music that they liked). The mix was very creative...remixing many of Baker's tracks and improving on already great tunes. Baker was so impressed he called the station right away inquiring on who the Latin Rascals were and how he could get in touch with them. He tracked the Latin Rascals down and offered them a job to do some remixing for him. They gladly accepted and headed into his studio. They were instructed on what to do and shown all kinds of equipment they never knew how to operate. They didnt tell anyone, but pretended that they knew. At this time they still didnt know how to edit on reel-reel tape machines and practiced for hours until they learned which tape-head to take the razor blade to. Of course they figured it all out eventually, and got the job completed in a timely fashion...and that was their first start into studio remixing.
After KTU, the Latin Rascals went on to KISS FM around 1984 to do the 3 hour mastermix dance parties. The mixing style was a bit different, as these were not the quick 22 minute long "medleys" you would hear on KTU but long sets with many songs being played in their entirety (of course which many times included slick editing, remixing and sampling). After the days of "Mastermixing" left the NY dance scene they both went on to produce and remix tracks for many different artists.


New York Scratchmaster Jam 1

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Mixer is unknown. Another mystery to solve.

Laid Back - White Horse
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Deele - Body Talk
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
Globe And Whiz Kid - Play That Beat
Art Of Noise - Beat Box
Davy DMX - One For The Treble
Xena - On The Upside


New York Scratchmaster Jam 2

Malcolm McLaren And The World Famous Supreme Team-World's Famous
Art Of Noise-Beat Box
Evelyn King-Shake Down
Hashim-Al Naayfish
Newclues-Jam On It
Orbit-The Beat Goes On
Midnight Star-No Parking On The Dance Floor
Pretty Tony-Fix It In The Mix

New York Scratchmasters Scratchmaster Revenge

Prince-When Doves Cry
Michael Jackson + Mick Jagger-State Of Shock
Sheila E-Glamorous Life
Isaac Hayes-Shaft
Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money
Curtis Mayfield-Superfly
Cherelle-I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
RJ's Latest Arival-Shackles

New York Scratchmaster Jam 4

Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch
Kurtis Blow-Eight Million Stories
Dr.Jeckyl And Mr. Hyde-AM/FM
Fat Boys-Stick' em
Donald D-The Groove
Whodini-Five Minutes of Funk
Pumpkin-King of the Beats
Masterdon Committee-Funk Box

New York Scratchmaster Jam 5 (The Beat Box)

Beat Box acapella
Sylvester-Rock The Box
Section 25-Looking Over The Hilltop
Pretty Tony-Jam The Box
File 13-Taste So Good
Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
Captain Rock-Captain Rock To The Future Shock
Kraftwerk- Number
Paul Hardcastle-King Tut
Debbie Deb-Lookout Weekend
David Van Tiegham-These Things Happen
Guru-Who U Stealin From
Mikki-Love Emergency
Hashim-Al Naafyish
Hashim-Were Rockin The Planet

1: The New Scratchmaster

Aleem-Release Yourself
Michael Jackson-State of Shock
Mikki-Love Emergency
The Time-Jungle Love
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
The Future-Nuclear Holocoust
Newcleus-Computer Age
Invisible-Donkey Kong
Section 25-Looking Over The Hilltop

November 10, 2008

Scratch Party 1

DJ Yella


Mixed by DJ Yella of the World Class Wreckin Kru
Scratch Party 1, 2, and 3 were done between 1984 and 1986.

Spyder D - Smerphies Dance
Malcolm Mclaren - Buffalo Gals
Herbie Hancock - Rock It
Grandmixer DST - Crazy Cuts
RoyalCash- Radioactivity
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Midnight Starr - Electricity
Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom
Cybotron - Clear

Scratch Party 2

Art Of Noise-Beatbox
Art of Noise-Close to the Edit
Malcolm McLaren sample
Newcleus-Jam On It
Globe And Whiz Kid-Play That Beat
Hashim-Al Naafiysh
Bar Kays-Freakshow On The Dancefloor

ScratchParty 3

1. VHB Orchestra-Beethoven's Fifth
2. Klinte Jones-In the Heat of the Night
3. Chuck Chillout-Hip Hop On Wax Vol. 1
4. If This Ain't Love-Jay Novelle-Emergency
5. Don't Want You to Be-Rama
6. Knights of the Turntable-Techno Scratch
7. Divine Sounds scratches
7. Body Talk-The Deele
8. Outrageous-Lakeside
9. Swoop ( I'm Yours )-The Dazz Band


This mix was done by Chris The Glove Taylor in 1984.


Haunted House Of Rock (Whodini)
Raid (Lakeside)
When Boys Talk (Indeep)
Milk From The Coconut(Total Coelo)
Nobody’s Diary (Yaz)
Rockit (Herbie Hancock)
Buffalo Gals (Malcolm McClaren)
Hip Hop Be Bop (Man Parrish)
Get Wet(C-Bank)
Freak-a-zoid (Midnight Star)
I.O.U. (Freeze)

Mix Trix 6


Mix Trix 5

According to Freddy Fresh, in his book Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Record Book, there exists Mix Trix 5. Unfortunately, I have not seen any copies anywhere. If you have any info about this particular mix, please contact us.

Mix Trix 4 Roxanne Can You Feel It

Fatboys-Can You Feel It?
Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch
Kurtis Blow-Basketball
Whodini-Big Mouth
World Class Wreckin Crew-Surgery
Paul Hardcastle-Rain Forest
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Aleem-Release Yourself
Debbie Deb-Lookout Weekend
Klymxx-Men All Pause
Jive Rhythm Trax-122 BPM
Sheena Easton-Sugar Walls


Mix Trix 3 The Breakmixer

Whodini-Five Minutes of Funk
Ray Parker Jr.-Ghostbuster
Hi Fidelity 3-B Boys Breakdance
Herbie Hancock-Autodrive
Aleem-Release Yourself
The Time-Jungle Love
Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music
Palmerforce Two-Street Wars
Prince-Lady Cab Driver
Prince-Erotic City

Mix Trix 2

Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money(intro)
One Way-Mr. Groove
Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money
Nuance-Take A Chance
Roger-In the Mix
Eddie B. & Oscar T-Where's The Beef
Jimmy Lewis-Street Freaks
Twilight 22-Siberian Nights

Mix Trix (In Vibe)

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

Mixer is unknown.

Run Dmc - Sucker MC's
Run Dmc - Hard Times
Davy DMX - One For The Treble
Midnight Starr - Freak A Zoid
Midnight Starr - No Parking On The Dancefloor
The Deele - Body Talk
Prince-Irrestible Bitch
Time Sample
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Kraftwerk - Tour De France
10 Speed-Tour De France


November 9, 2008

Big Apple Production-Volume 2

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)

While credited to Ser & Duff, many believe this classic mix was done by the Latin Rascals.

Davy DMX-One For The Trouble
Kurtis Blow-The Breaks
Cheryl Lynn-Encore,
Art Of Noise-Beatbox
Herbie Hancock-Rockit
Malcolm Maclaren-Bufalo Girls
CD3-Get Tough
Soul Sonic Force-Perfect Beat
Globe And Whiz Kid-Play That Beat
(bit from Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop
Sharon Redd-Beat The Street
Bell And James-Livin It Up
Julius Brown-Party)
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Freeez- I.O.U.
Newclues-Jam On It
Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Nairobi-Funky Makossa
Break Machine-Street Dance
Culture Club-Miss Me Blind
C Bank -One More Shot,
John Rocca-I Want It Real
Hashim-Al Naafiysh
Guru-Who You Stealing From
Loleatta Holloway-Crash Goes Love
Eddi B & Oscar T-Where's The Beef


November 8, 2008

Grandmaster Flash-The Adventure on the Wheels of Steel

The classic "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel," released in 1981 showcases DJ Grandmaster Flash's turntable prowess. A revolutionary record that paved the way for other cut and paste scratch records.

Partial Tracklisting
Chic - Good Times
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder
Spoonie G & The Sequence - Monster Jam
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - The Birthday Party
Blondie - Rapture
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache


Official Website


November 7, 2008


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